EPIPHONE serial dating

The Epiphone serial number decoder currently supports 12 serial number formats from 25 factories. Vintage numbers from 1932 to 1970 are supported. Serial numbers from 70' and 80's era Epiphone guitars made in Japan are not supported. The reason for this is that there is no reliable documentation from this time period. Epiphone stamps each guitar with a serial number, however, which when deciphered can tell a guitarist all he needs to know about the guitar. Locate the serial number on the back of the guitar's headstock (the top of the neck where the strings are attached). The serial number will generally be nine to 10 digits long, with the first being a letter. The Epiphone serial number decoder currently supports 12 serial number formats from 25 factories. Vintage numbers from 1932 to 1970 are supported. Serial numbers from 70' and 80's era Epiphone guitars made in Japan are not supported. The reason for this is that there is no reliable documentation from this time period. The Aria Epiphone Japan models that were made by Matsumoku from the early 1970s and ending before 1987 do not have a reliable serial numbering system but can be approximately dated using their Epiphone label colours. 1971-1975 - Blue label - Early models say 'Union Made' 1976-1979 - Tan or white 'Lincolnwood' label with Norlin logo When trying to date your vintage Epiphone or Gibson instrument, the most accurate way to do it is by decoding the serial number. Because there aren’t any factory ledgers prior to the 1980’s for Epiphone, these stamps will give you the closest approximation to their manufacturing date. Serial Number Search Gibson Serial Numbers 1975-Present This section is designed to assist in dating and/or identifying instruments manufactured or distributed by Gibson Guitar Corp. Please note that most of this information relates to serial numbers used from 1975 to present. Dating with f-holes serialnumbers have the serial number repeated on a label inside the brands body. A lack of a serial number usually implies an instrument has been refinished, and the number lost. The serial numbers Epiphone used on these Gibson-built models followed the same brands system too. See Gibson serial numbers. F-Serial used on LP Std'59/'60 models and Tribute/Plus models This newest serial number system used by Epiphone is not yet completely deciphered. 'F' doesn't refer to 'Fine, Korea' - nor to 'Fuji-gen, Japan' - New 'F' models are made in China. This serial number system doesn't exactly tell the year - and doesn't tell the month at all.

[Gear] NGD - Epiphone Les Paul Modern, first new guitar in 12 years!

2020.09.04 20:42 McNuggats [Gear] NGD - Epiphone Les Paul Modern, first new guitar in 12 years!

After a few weeks dealing with an injury and health scare I decided to treat myself with my first gear purchase in a long time.
I decided on the Epiphone Les Paul Modern in Faded Pelham Bluelast year when the Gibson version came out. Saw the Gibson on the wall, sat down to play it and saw my date of birth stamped as the serial number. Sadly couldn’t afford it at the time so it’s the one that got away.
Spotted this as a bit of a B-stock bargain and saved £130 due to two small hairline lacquer cracks near the nut. Nothing to worry hopefully as long as I look after it!
It joins the lineup with my trusty Epi LP Standard w/ SD Alnico Pro II’s and a pair of Tele/Strat Aerodyne models.
It plays great despite needing a setup, the sound is much deeper with the Probuckers than the SDs in its brother.
Cannot wait to properly thrash on it!
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2020.07.18 07:53 Foolsbry [QUESTION] Possibly Fake Epiphone Zakk Wylde Les Paul - Help Needed!

Hey there!
I work at a second hand store, had this Zakk Wylde Epiphone Les Paul come through, and I'm not 100% whether it's legit or not. There are things which stand out to me as legit, but then others that look dodgy.
Here's a link to an Imgur album with some pics

First off some cons;

-Truss rod cover doesn't look genuine to me, looks low quality. Is made of metal, however
- There are extra holes where the truss rod cover screws in, like they made a mistake and had to redrill the holes
-Wiring doesn't look great, is a made in China model however.

And the pros;

-Pickups look legit after comparing them to fake EMGs.
-Serial number dates the guitar to 2008, which matches the date of the pickups
-The guitar feels and plays pretty well, has heft as a Les Paul should
-Doesn't have crazy big washers around the tuners as the fakes sometimes do
-The neck join doesn't look too bad.

Would love to hear everyone's opinions. I know that this guitar is probably one of the most commonly copied/faked guitars out there, so I'm sure there's a few fakes getting around.

Thanks in advance!
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2020.03.07 02:54 nbhbbq123 Info on this Epiphone Casino?

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2019.12.21 02:07 benmac282 I can't find my Epiphone's date.

The person I got this Epiphone from said it's a 70's guitar. The serial number is 08780937 and the model number is marked out, but handwritten beside it is FT-120. I have used different sites and dating methods but it doesn't show up. Can anyone help?
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2019.04.27 00:03 weimarunner [Question] I need help identifying this guitar and advice on repair

When I was maybe a freshman in high school, my sister dated this guy whose family had way too much money. I had been playing guitar for a year or two at that point, and apparently he had too many guitars lying around at home not being played, so over the course of their relationship he gave me a cheap Epiphone acoustic and sold me a really nice acoustic for $20. The only thing is that all identifying information had been removed from the guitar.
I played this $20 bargain guitar so much through high school... it's no stretch to say it helped me get by. I took it to Germany for a study abroad, took it on road trips with a choir group, and wrote and recorded crappy songs on it with a 4-track in my bedroom. This guitar has amazing sound. It's lush, warm, and inviting, and the guitar itself smells amazing. But I cannot figure out definitively what it is! I've narrowed it down to probably being a Washburn based mostly on the headstock, and after looking through catalogs I think it most closely resembles the D-82SW (it's definitely pre-2003, I think he sold it to me before 2001 or 2002), but the design around the sound hole doesn't quite match.
I've got an album of pictures and hopefully you all can help me figure out what it is. The headstock looks Washburn, but the name has been removed, and I do not know if the headdress is original or was added, but I certainly didn't put it on. There is a hand-written number inside the body where the neck is attached, but I don't know if that's the serial number or something else (if it's the serial number it would be a 2004, and I definitely had it before then).
Regardless of what this guitar is, I absolutely love it. I can tell it's a quality guitar and definitely out of even my current price range. Aside from that, it's been with me through a lot of stuff, and I'm fairly emotionally attached to it. So it makes me sad that there's a crack in the body below the bridge, going with the grain. The guitar still sounds amazing, but I'm hesitant to play it very much for fear of making it worse. Is there anything I can do about the crack, or should I have a professional handle it? My guess is that it's not a huge job, but I've never done any work on an acoustic so I don't want to try anything and ruin the guitar.
Thanks for your help, and keep being cool everyone!
imgur link: https://imgur.com/a/lnime7G
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2019.03.29 03:55 Lazy_Lightning470 [GEAR] New Guitar Day!

I posted here the other day asking whether I should buy this or not and after a couple days of mulling it over, I caved and got it. It's a MIM Tele, I think from around 2008 or so. If anyone can help date it by the serial number that would be awesome.
I'm so pleased with how it sounds through my Peavey VT tube amp, and plugged into pedals it's just a beast. It's no nocaster or anything super fancy, but for $400 in great shape I think I got a pretty good deal.
Coming from a squier strat and epiphone SG special (the cheapest one) this is by far the nicest guitar I've owned.
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2018.12.25 00:29 Mapex_proM Be careful when buying used gear!

So for my sixteenth birthday my dad brought me to guitar center to buy a guitar. This was about four years ago so you know whats up. Anyways, i tried a few pretty nice guitars, some kinda crappy schecter with actives, ruled it out quick. Then i tried an epiphone sg, absolutely gorgeous $400 guitar. Sounded great and had the toggle to switch between single and humbuckers. I also tried a tele that basically did the same thing except better, and had to decide between those two guitars. Anyways i was about to walk out with a nice tele when some dopey looking sales dude comes up to me and asked if i was finding everything okay. I was like yea dude this tele is pretty cool! And then he asked if i checked the used section out. I hadn't so he was like hold up dude you have to try this guitar out, and went and grabbed what he claimed was a 1994 american standard strat. If you go far enough down my post history i should have pics of it.
Anyways my favorite guitar has been the american standard strat, at least since the one time i played a real one like, three months before buying this one. Anyways, i played the guitar and all though it was 200 more than what i wanted to spend, i HAD to have it because it was my "dream guitar."
Now to be completely honest, i knew there were a few things off with it. For one, if the volume knob wasn't rolled all the way up to 10, the pickups sounded ridiculously thin. I even asked the salesman and he claimed its just because the guitar was made in 1994. Truss rod was also like an inch deep in the neck, ill get to that later. Anyways most of the problems the guitar had i chalked up to heavy usage, like three months after buying it the whammy bar shattered inside the bridge, rendering it useless.
So i went 4 years just soldiering on, i liked thr way the neck feels so i just never really thought anything of the problems the body has. Until like two weeks ago.
I brought my guitar in the shop to my local luthier so they could change my pickups, and withing seconds of him pulling the guitar out of its case, things started going downhill. He looked at the serial number and i was like damn, because my dude was looking pretty troubled. He said that they sold fender back in the nineties up until about 2008 and the serial number on my guitar was unlike any other american standard strat he had ever seen. So he got the actual luthier, this dude that knows literally anything you would want to know about guitars (also a seriously sick player, completely cool dude) and at first he was like i dont see the problem? And then he looked a little closer and was like dude hate to burst your bubble, but this guitar is a polished turd.
What did he mean by that? Well, the guitar had 5 cut ins on the body. The 8 digit US serial number didnt follow any of the guidelines that fender has set on their website, the bridge was from the squier affinity series, the neck was unidentifiable from any other fender neck, on top of having vintage 50s fender logos, something that is pretty much not used on modern fenders. Also, my luthier decided to take the guitar apart to see if anything on the neck or pickups inside the guitar led to wtf was going on, and the oldest dated thing on the whole piece of shit was the squier pickups, which dated to 2009. The neck said it was made in 2013. Basically, i was sold a $100 Chinese knockoff guitar that was labeled as an American strat for $600, and since i was 16 i was too naive to get it checked to make sure it was what i bought.
Moral of the story is fuck guitar center, they will literally sell you a turd if they can.
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2017.11.21 14:57 enwez I picked up a used Epiphone FT-133 Acoustic for a first guitar and would like some help finding when this guitar was made.

I did some online research, but didn't turn up much. I know that the serial code should be decipherable with a date code and manufacture number, but my serial code is unlike any formats I've seen online. Any one recognize this?
Manufacture: Epiphone
Model: FT-133
Serial No: 370731
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2017.08.28 20:15 rbrcbr [GEAR] NGD! Epiphone '64 Reissue(?) Sheraton, some ID help would be awesome.

Long story, research rant ahead trying to pin down the specifics of this guitar. Let me know if you figure anything out.
TLDR; I think this is a '64 reissue Sheraton, but the dates and specs don't seem to match up with anything. It's definitely the real deal, not a copy. The guitar plays great and sounds fantastic. Chimey, lush, absolutely huge through my Super Reverb reissue. I'm absolutely pleased and can't believe I got such a stupid good deal on this. I'll see if I can get a video together for you all soon.
I've been looking for an Epiphone 1962 50th Anniversary Sheraton for months now, in the Cherry finish with the frequensator tailpiece. This has led me on a continual gear search online, constantly checking to see if one pops up for sale.
I found myself on the GC site last week and saw an Epiphone Sheraton on the used site for $299. I clicked on the photo for a closer look - it was what appeared to be a '62 Reissue Anniversary Sheraton in Sunburst with a frequensator, for half of what they usually go for used! I jumped on it immediately, thinking I had just scored an awesome deal on what I was looking for. I noticed a couple things that were different from the '62 reissue that got me thinking this was something else (only had 2 photos to look at on their site, headstock and front of guitar):
-slightly more flared headstock -2 hole truss rod cover, with a half circle cutout at the top -yellowed binding -amber switch tip
So I was wrong. This is even better than I thought it was.
From what I can find, I think this is a Made in Japan, Assembled in America '64 Reissue Sheraton. It doesn't have an Elitist sticker on the back of the headstock, or Grover Imperial Tuners. It's not a John Lee Hooker Signature, but has all the same specs without his signature on the truss rod cover, and no "Boogie Man" on the pickguard. It also seems to not have a nitro finish, like these '64 reissues were supposed to have. And this is where the confusion starts. The '64 reissue was supposedly made from the JLH Signature leftover parts after his death in 2001, while the serial number search on Guitardaterproject says two things:
1) if the guitar is not made in the USA, it was made in Korea in May of 1996.
2) If it was made in the USA, it was made at the Nashville plant on August 28th, 1990.
From this link, Nashville reissued the Sheraton in 1993 with these specs for 100 years of Epiphone. Korea produced some in 1994, but mine has no prefix in the serial number that matches those for this batch. Also, the Korean models supposedly had not been produced with a frequensator, if I remember correctly. The no sunburst finish on the back matches up with the Hooker sheraton, as does the truss rod cover. The blue label inside also matches the Hooker sheraton. It also has Gibson style fret nibs that you'd find on the Japan/USA made model '64 reissue.
Truthfully, I'm tired of trying to condense everything I've read and found into this post, as it's already too long. You all probably think I'm insane as it doesn't really matter anyways, as I'm going to keep it.
If anyone has any other tips or ideas as to what exactly is going on here with this guitar, holler at ya boy.
For those so research inclined as I, here's a compilation of some of the useful links I found to try and figure it out:
Similar Reverb posting
John Lee Hooker Sig
Random comparison
Info on 64 Reissue
Link from the paragraph
Edit: formatting
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2017.07.01 15:40 GreenLurch [GEAR] NGD: Epiphone Scroll from the 70s

Hi all,
Got the chance to pick up this Epiphone Scroll from the 70s for a bit over 200 euro's! It plays and sounds great. Really no idea what to compare it to (yet) but I enjoy it. A little question for you guys though... Can you help me figure out the exact yeadate of it by a partial serial number? I have made a few pictures of it:
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2016.08.11 05:35 Flea_333 [QUESTION] Need help identifying date of manufacture of Epiphone guitar

Hey y'all,
I've been searching for a guitar with the same manufacture date as my birthday, and I've found one that is the right year and month, but I cannot find any info on the specific day.
The brand is Epiphone with the serial number S6109909. Basically I'm wondering if anyone knows if there is an Epiphone email or forum I can look at to see if it is possible to find the exact date of make. Not sure if this post is allowed here, if not mods please remove.
Anyways thanks in advance for any help!
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2016.03.03 21:27 Cosciug [Question] My Les Paul Standard has no sustain. Do i need to fix it ?

Hi all,
so I picked up a new guitar last week, an Epiphone Les Paul Standard, and i noticed today that something was off. The previous owner had the guitar for 2 and a half years and he bought it new as he told me. I checked the serial number and it's dated from oct 2010, made in the china factory. First thing that I did was to clean it, put some brand new string on it, set up the bridge and set the string height to the level I'm comfortable with. Today i noticed that it does not stay in tune and the G B and e strings have almost no sustain whatsoever. The strings go mute just like after 4 to 6 seconds. I don't have a problem with the other strings, they maintain the sustain just any other Les Paul for 20+ sec. The other problem is, on the same G B and e strings, that if I play the open string the note pitches up and down constantly like crazy and does not remain the same note. I wondered why my chords always sounded off just after i tune the guitar.
Here are some pictures of the guitar
Could anyone tell me what my guitar could have and if it would be fixable ? I tried to get some good shots of the neck and bridge. Hope someone can figure it out. Thanks for any reply :)
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2014.02.19 21:13 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I am Sammy Ash, COO of Sam Ash Music. I play, sell, buy, collect, and design instruments. AMA!

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2014-02-19
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Questions Answers
Hi Sammy! I'm a cajon builder who has been building handmade and custom drums for a while now. I would love to see my products in stores one day. Do you have any advice for me? Absolutely! Make sure you have high quality color images, a pricing plan (cost, MAP, MSRP, etc.), and send me a PM and I'll be happy to refer it to one of my buyers!
Hi sammy! i play bass in a band that tours constantly. that being said, can i have some bass strings? theyre really expensive. also... i didnt know you designed instruments as well... whats your favorite piece? Yes, bass strings are not cheap :/ that's why we usually can't give them away.
As far as instruments I've designed, I've designed a few dozen guitars for Ovation, Gibson, Fender, PRS, and Martin. I honestly can't pick out which one's my favorite because they all have a unique quality to them that makes me love each one differently.
Hey Sammy! With your 42 years of experience, where do you think the music industry is headed in the next 10 years? In the next 10 years, you're going to see a mixture of the internet and stores working hand-in-hand IMHO. I still think most people want the experience of seeing a large selection in person, physically holding their purchase before they buy it, and talking directly to someone face to face for advice. There's no doubt that the internet is here to stay, but I don't think it's going to take over the world.
I also think that some of the smaller, lesser funded companies won't be around. It's not getting easier; it's only getting tougher.
Pancakes or Waffles? Waffles, of course!
Why don't the Sam Ash employees have names like "Razor" and call people "Bro" and "My man!" like Guitar Center employees have/do? Our managers make sure our people exude respect.
I've picked up thousands in equipment from your stores over the years. I've been expanding my bedroom studio lately, and Sam Ash is the closest store, so I go there frequently. Thank you for your continued support. We too have been expanding the bedroom studio products but not all Sam Ash Music stores are created equal (as much as we'd like them to be). The bigger the market, the bigger the store, the bigger the selection.
The selection is just frankly not up to par in comparison to your competitors. It's twice as far but I go to a Guitar Center which has half the square footage of your store yet somehow they neatly fit in 3x the equipment you have on display, yet their store is more comfortable to navigate. For example, I can't offer products in Brooklyn like I do in San Antonio or NYC. This is why we do carry everything (and I do mean EVERYTHING) at SamAsh.com.
Any idea when I would be able to play with any of the Roland ARIA line in one of your stores? Regarding the Roland ARIA, all stores will be carrying that line when they are shipped in mid-March. They were released on Valentine's Day but haven't been shipped out yet.
What's your favorite book and why? Anything by Tom Clancy and I do not know why.
How do you feel about your youngest sons hairline? Phil Collins circa 86, or what? If you're referring to my son, Ben, who's my oldest (and baldest), I think his hairline is far superior to Phil Collins' circa 86.
But Phil definitely earned more money with that hair.
Sammy! What's your favorite Gibson from your collection? Right now, I'm going through a very heavy Les Paul phase.
Who am I kidding? It's been going on for years!
If I had to pick one, it would be my Goldtop, third from the left. It's a late 1955 Goldtop with THE greatest sounding rhythm I have ever heard!
If you're deserted on an island, what one album would you take with you to keep you going? Jimi Hendrix' "Are You Experienced?"
It changed my life.
Sammy! What is your favorite place to eat on Long Island? It used to be Barollo's in Melville before they closed down. Nowadays, for an easy, close hit, Blackstone Steakhouse. If I want to go into town, I go to Piccolo.
Sammy, I live in the southern California area, and was hoping to get a custom guitar made out of a specific type of wood. Do you guys make customs like that? Or can you recommend a SoCal designer who might be good for this kind of project? SoCal, So Lucky! You are in the hotbed of custom guitar land! We do not actually make custom guitars. However, Fender Custom, ESP Custom Shop, Schecter Custom Shop, and many others are all based in and around the LA area! Also, you can go to guys like Warmoth to pick out your neck, wood, finish, pickup configuration, and everything else you need and just run with it!
*Some assembly required.
Thank you for bringing instruments to the masses. As a young lad, I delivered some gear to The Pretenders gig in NYC. Chrissie Hynde and the band were on the stage setting up and I went over to introduce myself and ask where the gear should go. While in the middle of trying to make small talk with her, she ran away to chase a cat that was loose in the theater. I just stood there, dead in my tracks, not knowing what the hell I to do. Otherwise, all of my other relationships with musicians have been great!
What was your most awkward interaction with a famous Musician ? All these years later, I can't believe I lost to a cat.
What do you think are the best drum sticks for the following usages? Drum set (Jazz and Rock), Band and any other things you can think of? Who do you think makes the best drum sticks? Thanks for doing this! (If you can't tell, I'm a drummer) Drum sticks? That's easy! Find the longest, skinniest ones you can think of from any manufacturer, get a little sandpaper, sand off the lacquer, and use them to toast marshmallows! (If you can't tell, I'm a guitar player)
What's your favorite sandwich? That's easy! Turkey on seeded rye with lettuce and spicy brown mustard. Yellow mustard sucks!
Who was a better frontman for Van Halen? Diamond Dave of Sammy Hagar? Dave was there in the beginning and his stage antics helped propel that band but Sammy brought another layer of guitar, writing, vocals, and sanity that really brought them to the next level.
I was on vacation once and popped into a Sam Ash. There were bongo drums set up like a traditional drum set, and it was awesome. When I got home I was unable to find any evidence that it ever existed. So where do I get a set? The reason you never found any evidence of this drum set is that our guys built it; on a slow afternoon, they got adventurous and put it all together! If you walk into one of our great drum shops, I'm sure our guys can duplicate it and tweak it to your specifications.
Who demographically is still going to a brick and mortar shop to buy instruments for the most part? We are a pretty large company and 90% of our customers still walk through the door while 10% shop on the web. I will admit that the web numbers are growing at a rapid rate.
As a guitar player, I've gotta touch it, feel it, and smell it before I would buy it.
Sammy, if you could only play one guitar for the rest of your life, what would it be? Electric or Acoustic?
Either? Both? Your call sir. If it's an electric, my new Gibson Es-335 Warren Haynes (Serial #4, of course!)
If it's an acoustic, it would have to be my Martin D-42 simply because it's an all-around perfect instrument.
As for a question, you guys are cheap, relatively speaking (an electric grand is never going to be cheap, but you get what I'm saying). How do you guys do it? Like I saw Sam Ash advertising a Microkorg for about a hundred dollars less than what you normally sold it as, and on the internet many of the ones I saw were a hundred dollars more than Sam Ash's normal price for one. How do you get these awesome prices? Thank you for the very kind words! Regarding our pricing, we are a huge buyer and if we can get a deal, we don't pocket it but rather pass the savings on to you! That's how we've managed to stick around for 90 years!
Thank you so much for your store! I was tired of dealing with GC and went to Sam Ash and was surprised how helpful and friendly staff were. At GC, they kept pestering me and weren't helpful when I asked questions. I asked for a bass pedal and he was like "uh i think this is a bass pedal, do you need any picks or strings too?" Why were you so surprised? :) We try to be our best every single day. Remember, the name on the building is my grandfather's and we remind ourselves that every single day.
I am a design student at GT. as someone with a passion for music and design, What advice do you have for someone who is interested in maybe having a career similar to yours? Start from the bottom, get your foot in the door, and do what they tell you (like my father did for me). Sometimes it's grunt work, sometimes it's cool work. Either way, you have to pay your dues. I'm still paying my dues even to this day.
Don't forget to put your hand up! Get recognized. Otherwise, you're a face in a sea of faces.
Hey Sammy - have you happened to see those new 'automatic tuning' devices that are installed and wrap around the machine heads? If so what's your opinion on them? I think you're referring to the Min-Etune or TronicalTune
They actually don't wrap around the machine heads, they replace them. They work rather well! I personally have not installed one on my guitar (yet) but we have a Les Paul in the office that everyone seems to play with. I especially love hitting a button and going straight into DADGAD!
How do you think the Internet has impacted smaller brick-and-mortar music stores? Today, you have to be more of a "click"-and-mortar store. The internet has forced everyone to raise the bar. I know it did for us. We are a better company now because of that.
What's the best selling clarinet brand/model currently? The best selling brand is Yamaha. However, arguably the best model clarinet could be the Buffet R13 from any year.
Hey Sammy! What's your favorite Kenny Loggins song? If I had to pick just one, it would be this tasty number!
Hey Sammy, does your business plan on stocking more smaller brand name items like Agile guitars (to name one example)? I've heard some great stuff by small companies that I wasn't be able to find at my local Sam Ash to test or buy. The problem today is there are way too many brands to carry, both big and small. We don't dabble with a company; we support them. That means, many, many models on a wall. It makes it very difficult for us to carry a huge number of brands. Guitars alone we carry 30-40 different brands. There are a number of really nice, small companies that we'd love to carry, but we physically don't have the room for them all.
Hey Sammy! I've been collecting a revolving door of instruments ever since I started playing. The truth is, I love anything that makes noise but I'm completely plagued with a passion for guitars. I haven't found my "one true Love" guitar yet. The only thing that ever came close to perfection was my FendeSpuier Vintage Modified Jaguar HH. My question is: What is the process when designing a guitar? (does the manufacturer give you a criteria?) and which manufacturer was your favorite to work for? My process is simple: I'm very fortunate to meet with my manufacturers frequently in either their factory or my office. I'm also fortunate to be surrounded by a huge selection of guitars in my stores. I think of what would be cool or useful on, say, a Les Paul. I then pitch it to the manufacturer. I've pitched the Les Paul Classic which they ran with. 10,000 guitars later, it's still out there and I own Serial #1! (It's second from the right hanging\)
Regarding who I like to work with the most, I love them all but I have a particular fondness for the Ovation company and what we've done together. I worked with them on 4 of the Collector's Series and I think they're some of the best of the whole Collector's line!
I have an ovation (celebrity) and am saving up for a Les Paul! Thank you for your time sir! Sounds great! Check out our Les Paul page for exactly what you're looking for!
Do you consider vintage guitars (Pre-1965) as a sound investment when liquidity isn't a concern? Today I do. In 2008, the whole market took a bath but has been steadily climbing and I'm not seeing it slow down any time soon. Hell, I bought a few things since then!
Why doesn't Sam Ash step foot in the botique market a little more (Fano, Nash, Collings)? We love the boutique market, but it just doesn't seem to love us. We're in talks with Fano, Collings, and several others. Apparently, we're too big for most. You can't help for trying!
How many guitars do you own? Last count of guitars, it's north of 140 and climbing with no end in sight!
Top 5 favorite musicians at the moment? Joe Satch.
Jeff Beck.
Victor Wooten.
Brad Paisley.
Hey there, long time guitar player, jazz graduate, studio player, and now studying lutherie. I've always been perplexed as to why no one has been able to step up and use cheap foreign labor to produce high-quality handmade Gibson-style instruments. I find there are some decent low-priced archtops but really nothing in the ballpark of guitars currently priced higher than $1500. Any idea why this is? Excellent question! There's a reason: they continue to copy existing instruments which is against the law. If somebody took the time to come up with original designs, specs, and trademark them, they'd be able to sell a better instrument. The problem we have with the forgeries is they're not have bad. We will not deal with them, take them on trade, buy them, or have anything to do with them. As a matter of fact, if we did/do take one in by mistake, it never sees the light of day again.
It's becoming a rich man's game to get higher quality stuff :( You're right about the archtop. Eastman makes an extremely fine archtop guitar that rival many American handmade jazz boxes.
Proudest accomplishment music wise? This year, I changed the strings on my Martin!
Can you give a hint at least? :) Thank you for answering! Best I can say is below the belt.
Sammy, I can remember when Fender made only a few electric guitar models. Now, it seems that they come-up with some variation every month. Do the sales figure indicate that this is sustainable, or are they over-saturating their market? The Fender company has their own game plan which does make it difficult for a dealer to decide what to carry. The one thing a manufacturer doesn't take into account is that I can't make my stores bigger. With that being said, we take a lot of time to figure out the proper mix of models, from low to high, to carry. That ain't easy!
A second question, if I may: I can also remember with there were GC, Sam Ash and Mars music bricks and mortor stores in my market. At the time I was shaking my head that this could be a long-term business situation, and of course it wasn't. How do millions of dollars get gambled on such a silly idea? Silly people gamble silly dollars. In Mars' case, when they went out of business, they owed hundreds of millions of dollars. Who thought that a silly idea of a Mars music was a good idea? The only thing good to come of it (when they went under) was that I got 9 music stores cheap!
Hey Sammy! I would be the guy, but we are looking in other states first because we think we're a little over-saturated in the upper east coast.
Hi Sammy! is there any plans to open a new store on the west side of Las Vegas? Not at this time but you should check out our current store in Las Vegas if you haven't already! It's tré cool!
I have a Harmony H-71 Blonde Meteor that is in pretty good condition for what it's been through and seen. All original parts sans strings, and no huge blemishes. Granted, it is old and has seen better days. How rare are Harmony guitars these days? Would it be worth restoring it to mint or leaving it original? Does this retail fairly high? A meteor, huh? In blonde, huh? That's one of the more collectible Harmony guitars out there.
Not that rare because they made many without the meteor name but those that have it have held up their value. In the low end of condition, they book at about $800. In pristine condition, they can go for over a grand. It's a very cool arch top. My suggestion: don't sell it. You'll probably never find another one. You have many years of enjoyment with that guitar ahead of you.
What made you want to get in the music industry? I had no choice! My dad said, "You can have an allowance or a salary. Your choice." Guess which one I went with? (Hint: The allowance was $15)
What electric guitar would you recommend to someone trying to get back into playing after 20 years away? Can I have one for free? "I don't even give my son one for free." If you want a nice electric guitar, you can find great deals on Fender Squiers, Epiphone Les Paul's, several Ibanez models and several LTD models. These guitars will give you A LOT for the money!
What's the weirdest instrument you collect that is still affordable? I don't really collect weird. I do collect odd, unique, old instruments that are affordable. You can get some really cool effects on eBay. I also collect old Silvertone guitars which are between $300-500 or more. Personally, I love the Silvertone 1457 Amp In Case like Jimmy played.
Also, can you give us some photos of your personal collection? I'm sure you have a collection like no other! As far as my personal collection is concerned, here are just some lying around the office. I have others elsewhere.
Which was your first store? I used to go to your White Plains store when I was a kid. My first store as a stock man and then later salesman was Hempstead but my first store that I was a manager in was your White Plains store! For all I know, you were my customer! I was there from 1982-1989. Were you?
Yes certainly. I bought a lot of stuff there. My pride and joy that my parents bought me for my (I believe) 14th birthday was an Alvarez Yairi that I still love and still play to this day. Thank you very much for your continued support!
Do you smoke? It would seem like a fun profession to be stoned. That's an odd question, however the answer is no. I think if I was stoned, as bad as a guitar player that I am now, I could only get worse.
Have you ever met Karl Sandoval? His Rhoads guitar is what got me to become a musician! I've not had the pleasure yet but happy to hear someone inspired you to get into music!
Just wanted to say that working for Sam Ash is definitely my favorite job I have ever held. Thank you and your family for creating one of the best work environments I have ever been a part of. Thank you, Chris. Your $20 bill is in the mail.
Thank you for those holiday gift certificates that you send out in your catalog. that was a very welcome surprise! I don't care what the stock market says; times are still very tough. Anything we can do to take away some of the burden for enjoyment is something we are very happy to do.
If you like electro-house / drum n bass / trance i suggest that you checkout his sounddrop: Link to soundcloud.com I'd be more than happy to check out your SoundCloud!
I saw your son post about this on Facebook! I love your store, too bad I'm musically challenged haha. But I had to check this out. Super interesting :) You think you're musically challenged? The only person who thinks I'm a guitar player is my mother! Not even my sons will jam with me! They call me "One Riff Sammy"! D'oh!
Glad you think this is cool! I'm having fun! You?
No question, just wanted to say that my experience with Martin in Hollywood has bee fantastic, I wish more people in your company were as knowledgeable as he was. Also, I am sorry for the recent loss. First of all, Martin (just kidding), thank you for the condolences. Martin is one of the rising stars in this company. We're very proud to call him ours.
Dammit, Sammy. Dammit, Janet!
I personally go there to try out the instrument if I'm near one then buy online. I know alot of people who do this method. so always wonder how mom and pop stores stay afloat. So, please when you go to a music store and you personally don't get the service you feel you deserve because you don't buy there but rather try there, you should not feel insulted. Mom and Pop's stay afloat because they work exceedingly hard for THEIR customers. Therefore, THEIr customer loyalty is quite high. Your method may work for you and others but you are a rare breed, my friend. A rare breed.
I used to visit your White Plains store as a kid. I even bought my first drum set, a Tama Rock Star kit from there. Thanks for the memories! I used to be the manager. Maybe I helped you with that kit! Thank you for your continued support!
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2013.05.28 16:31 iProcreate [Gear][NGD] Just bought my first electric guitar!

And here she is! She's an Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro with a build date of November 2012 after looking up the serial number. I got her from Zzounds.com and it was originally $550 but the guy I spoke to was cool enough to drop the price to $520. She feels great in the hand and I'm very happy with the build quality and makes my acoustic, a Yamaha FG700s, feel like a feather.
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My observations, opinions and differences on the Korean vs. Chinese Epiphone Sheraton 2. Rodney Alcala had an infamous appearance on a dating game in 1978. He won the date, but thankfully the women refused to go out with him. She trusted her inst... FOR SALE - EBAY LISTING http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=270950119875#ht_707wt_1141 Vintage 1971 Epiphone 6830 Acoustic guitar with Kalam... Looking for the serial number of your guitar? Look good at your guitar, and don't be like me, ha ha. MOstly it's stand on the head, on the backplate or inside were the potention meters are. With ... View a full range of Epiphone guitars over at PMT Online: https://www.pmtonline.co.uk/brands/epiphone Dr. Epiphone talks about hardware, snap lock bridges, p... Changement de cordes sur Epiphone 6 cordes acoustique made in Japan fin anées 1970. Myth busting answers to frequently asked questions, comments and misunderstandings, together with proof of their existence and how to spot the signs. 0:56 - ...